Way back, sometime last century,  I cleaned out the studio, filling our van with early experimental works. Most were pretty crazy, wild colours, very rough and ready-  which I then offered to the Bribie Island Art gallery in sunny QLD, Australia. The gallery accepted this pile of assorted paintings and as far as I can tell, they have disappeared, never seen again- Mystery #1

Last year, the digital photo files of ALL past work. Read- 20 years of painting, zoof! vanished in an accident with a hard drive . Sooo – as they say, backup your backups!  So there for – Mystery #2

I am very interested in acquiring, re-acquiring, early works or digital photos of, especially the wild and crazy experimental stuff. Most are acrylic on board, or canvas, though there are drawings and oils- signed – M. Goater. I know some have made it to NZ, Germany and the US, and of course Australia. It’s kinda weird but it would be so good to get hold of that early stuff again. So hey if you own or see one, please get in contact, make my day!

Here’s the first two that have resurfaced……..

Art by Marcus Goater Opal -art by Marcus Goater