Six weeks in a cave

Run run, we are running so far away from our wild roots.

Surrounded by machines, artificial this n’that it’s hard to even imagine what it’s like to live in our primordial wild birth places. And what would it be like to paint there?

For the last six weeks I’ve thrown off the protective mantle of our modern way of living and dived into the world of the primitive.

4 thoughts on “Six weeks in a cave

  1. Awesome videos. Mark Reese writes in Moshe’s Feldenkrais’s autobiography “At the threshold of action and it’s initiation, between physical realisation and idea, our motor cortex seems to participate in an important phenomenon.” I wonder where your motor cortex was at after week 4, questioning what’s real and what’s imagination. Your vid B portrays the primal experience beautifully – thinking in actions and images is more potent than thinking in words. And a bonus, I think you have your blot cards done now!!

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