Fire Sprite

Just for one second
I thought – just for one second – I saw – gone
Just for one second
In the flickering life of the fire
I thought I saw THERE – gone

WHAT was that jumping out from the fire – a face?
I saw you – fleeting, dancing crazy yellow flame
Saw your face of flicking  light
Dancing hand in hand with shadow hands in shadow lands
Saw you leaping up into the night
Flaming yellow Yellow bright
Fire Sprite

Kicking sparks
On centre stage
Grinning cheeky flaming fiery rage
Leaping, bursting, glowing fire brand
Leap out of that fire and give me your hand
Dancing yellow, yellow bright
Fire Sprite

Leaping up up up into the night

Lotsa shapes in fire
Just like clouds
battle ships, giant dogs, a guy on a skate board
You can make shapes outa flickering flames too
– never seen a battleship though
In clouds you’ve got time. Time to call your friend
“I see a battle ship”, no It’s a seal, a sailing ship…….
“Oh look at that its turning into a whale”
The mesmerising trance of flaming formation
Watching the flames dancing amongst the glows
Shapes of translucence seeing through one flame into another, combining, changing, twirling as new air spirals amongst translucent canyon walls
Flaming heat brights sparks darks layers intermingling

Fire Sprite