4 thoughts on “Baby, it’s cold outside

  1. I am loving this painting Marcus, warmed my heart and feet instantly!!!! also reminded me of a few weeks ago where I was at the 4 elements workshop of Biodanza, in the north of Chile sorrounded by Mountains a river in a very old little town called El Molle. There were 30 of us, and that day I was picked to experience the element of earth, it was a major shamanic healing where I experience death and a rebirth it was so amazing to have that happened in in my native country, At night we had a big fire in a circle it was the most beautiful fire ever, there were local women singing in Mapuche language it was so amazing a time and place I will never forget.
    Thank you for sharing your art,you are always in my heart, big hug and until we meet againg xxx

    • Wow, sitting around ‘the most beautiful fire ever’ being sung to by Mapuchian women!
      Ximena, you fire my imagination and warm my heart!
      Travel well, songstress of the Andes😊

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