This is a Dolphin Dog Seal, not a real one – that would make a weird woof,
but a Dolphin Dog Seal nonetheless.

This painting is all about ZING

It’s about swimming in the surf
In the late afternoon
at the end, of a looong, hot, summers day.

I just see dogs n’ dolphins n’ seals
and they look like they’re having so much fun in the waves.
The great thing about art is that you don’t have to be terribly serious,
you can be, or not, it’s up to you.
So as the sun goes into the last part of the summers day,
the colours of the beach get warmer and oranger
The blue green of the rolling pacific tubes rise glassily in the mighty sun
before crashing to the sand in a million sprays,
throwing energy in every swirly direction,
– That’s what it’s all’s abouts.
Late in the day on a summers afternoon at the beach.
Air is warm,
Big blue pacific rollers,
Tunnels of blue green glass crashing,
Instant swirly bubble bath,
all that concentrated deep ocean energy  thrown in a thousand directions.
The water is deliciously warm, sun glows on our brown skin
and you are in it, under cascades of hissing vivid white ocean spray
-alive in an ocean of energy

and all that energy gets into you

Amazing  Zing      Amazing   Gazing       ZING

Art by Marcus Goater


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