Thank God for crazy artists!!

“All artists are crazy” -Well I wish they were.
Week after week I go to exhibition after exhibition,
and week after week I see predictable,staid, safe work.
Great for developing your ‘brand’ or ‘style’- death by boredom.

Thank God for crazy artists!
How much is Sunflowers worth?
Imagine Vincent pumping out hundreds of ’em to satisfy the market.

Yesterday we checked out the annual MIFQ show.
A collection of works by artists suffering from mental illness.
Yo, a celebration of diversity and creativity.
These artists have to live with problems which can seriously fuck your day.
It’s hard to even imagine the challenges involved.

But these guys can produce some extraordinary art.
Though sometimes intense and weirdly, violently emotional.

Art, is valuable as a form of expression and therapy.
Here is a bridge into their inner worldsMIFQ


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