Blue Bamboo

My studio is aflame in red, orange n’fluro pink.
All this week I’ve been working
On some canvases
A little ‘in ya face’

Time for peace and calm.

While walking with a friend around
Leafy inner city West End (Bris)
We passed a clump of silent bamboo.

Blue in shadow
Silver patches

Calm deep peaceful

Art by Marcus Goater

Blue Bamboo

Blue Bamboo

2 thoughts on “Blue Bamboo

  1. Definitely a reflection of peace and calm. I really love this one. My eyes are drawn to it as a whole but yet seem to peer into each part and in turn receive a mellowing. Think i could have this one on my wall!!

    • Thanks Sharolyn, not often I do something calming as I love lots of elements moving around all over the place. It seems to work though as it’s already on the way to its new owner in Melbourne.
      Thanks for the comment, and stay calm!

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