Half full, half empty, full of emptiness, empty of fullness,

I love the moment of starting a new canvas.

A vast empty expanse

A flat white plane.

In the fertile darkness,

My imagination leaps like an agile monkey

In a forest of possibility.

Each tree an idea, alive with branches, running off

to the sky

Each seeking to flower in the sunshine

To burst from possibility out into the world of actuality

Art by Marcus Goater

Field of possibility

Seems we live in a world of contradiction,
full of emptiness and actual possibilities.
We can even speed whilst going nowhere,
Nowhere at all.
Our lazy old sun is racing, always racing-
around the centre of our galaxy at 828 000 km/h,
and dragging us with it.
Here I am
Going nowhere at near a million km/h

Art by Marcus Goater

Sun speed

Art by Marcus Goater


So all these round things in space are zooming all over the place, at ridiculous speeds.
A lot of zooming going on
In this space place

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