50 shades of Red

What makes you Quiver?
Quiver isn’t a control thing
It shakes YOU
Jelly settling on a plate

There are orgasmic quivers
Ghostly quivers – shivers
Arrows quiver
When they hit the target

I would like to paint – quiver

Quivering is momentary and attention grabbing.
You get thrown violently left/right – forward/back
So time to play with red and green, a strong contrasting combo.

Quivering is intense
so I’ve created an intense environment,
Red floor, red walls, red ceiling, red chair, red cloth, red flowers,

Art by Marcus Goater

It gets fairly intense in here

And when the sun cuts through the window at just the right angle, through the red curtains, the whole room glows deep red.
Should be interesting playing with bright green squiggles in the red room.

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