Just how psychotic are you?

Splotts, blotts
Crazy shaped ink dots,
Can say a lot
or not.


Recently I’ve been talking to conceptual artist, Maria Colossi about the power of the human mind to detect patterns out of chaos. Somehow we have to bring order to the constant waterfall of information pouring into eyes and ears.
Or we would go crazy, as some do.

A famous way we play with this is the ink blot test.
A bespectacled shrink with pointy goatee shows you a randomly shaped shape,
then you come up with what it looks like – to you.
Just to find out how nuts you really are.

So here is a chance to undergo the test.
The painting below has been painted with eyes totally closed.
It’s an exercise in painting randomness.

I see a goat with horns,
Maybe I should see a shrink,
How about you?