Violet Lollipop Pixie Horse

I would like you to meet my very good friend Violet Lollipop Pixie Horse – artist.

Now what goes on inside your head when you see that? How do you react?

The temptation is to- ‘Oh cute’ ‘Hey kids stuff’ and pass these works off as non important. Certainly not as important as a trained artist who goes through a tortuous process of self flagellation.

I get a big kick out of meeting these beginning artists There is a lot to learn here.
Sure there are techniques to master, but Miss Pixie Horse didn’t do any planning, wasn’t asked or coerced, just picked up some stuff and started creating.

Can’t get any easier than that.

Maybe she’ll give it up, maybe go on to be a designer, who knows, but how we react to these first steps in exploring our human capacity to create could make all the difference.

So go Violet Lollipop Go- keep creating with ease, imagination and a huge sense of playfulness.

New work -The Bat

New work -The Bat