A drop in the ocean

On a recent trip to wonderful Svaii in Samoa, I grabbed a friends underwater camera and spend hours catching the colours and shapes of the fish on the reef, out from our palm huts on the beach. The plan was to paint some fish side on, and a little coral all in bright colours, job done.

Plan went out the window though when I checked the snaps. The little camera did a great job, lots of awesome fish and some nice coral-but that was it, nice but dead, very very still. It couldn’t portray all the amazing amount of movement and change. It’s crazy busy down there. Everything that moves, moves- and everything that can’t is swept with the incessant play of light and shade cast by the water’s surface. Like someone constantly turning the lens of a giant kaleidoscope.

Australian art Marcus Goater

On the reef

Svaii Samoa

Svaii Samoa