Hand of creation

I’ve just been asked a very interesting question by Michaela Cristallo via Twitter-
Why create?
Why spend hour after hour, day after day, creating stuff?

Well my immediate reaction is – because it’s so bloody enjoyable.

I mean watching different colours, shapes, video clips, or musical notes arrange themselves, and come together into something that works, is just great fun.

Another reason is it can be one big learning adventure. It just goes on forever. A good portrait painter can just go on learning, refining, trying new approaches…….
but now with video editing suites, digital painting and digital music creation….
Well, we all need a 36 hour day.

But it must go deeper than that as the earliest signs of people are paintings on walls of caves- very often showing the hand of the creator him/herself. People have always sang, danced and told stories.

So maybe there is an inbuilt, part of us that needs to join in with the universal dance of creation. The world is ‘just’ a constant moment to moment act of creation and by creating ourselves we can join in, to extend or open up to this universal process.

either way- it’s just so bloody enjoyable.

Australian art Marcus Goater

Hand of creation