Studio in the woods

I’m currently looking for a new studio as you can’t live in Bali forever.
It’s out there somewhere, a quiet place in nature with electricity,and internet.
These places can be hard to find so in the meantime,
– I’ll be slum’n it with the critters amongst the tall green trees

slum'n it
The en suite plunge pool is great on a hot day. Though I have to share it with Azure kingfishers and a fat lazy black snake.

My mate, Black Snake didn’t turn up today.

I like to sit on the rocky steps that tumble down the rivers bank.
Sit, watch the river, and talk to Black Snake sunning in the sun.

Have you seen clouds changing shape
Behind a wiggly stick
Reflected on the surface
Of clear, flowing water?

Maybe Black snake has taken a holiday,
Or been led astray by Lady Snake in her slinky black party dress.
Maybe they are now lying encoiled on her sun deck.
Or, he just got over being talked to by some crazy artist guy.
Maybe he’s been eaten
By something staunch enough to tackle a metre of black lightning.

Maybe, maybe, maybe
Anyway I missed his company today beside the river
In the warm afternoon light
As the birds chit chat in the trees
And sweet scents float from the forest
On subtle breezes.