More Moore art

I wandered into a country art gallery recently, always a pleasure, but after doing this a couple of hundred times you get to expect certain standard subjects. Nothing wrong with bush huts, ye old wagon wheels and bottle brushes, love them in the real world but just doesn’t turn me on in a painting.

Well in this Dayboro gallery, amongst the more traditional paintings sat something living and breathing, a cat amongst the pigeons.
I’d just bumped into the art of Dayboro artist Kate Moore.

Kate Moore art

Kate Moore

It’s not often I get to see art that moves me because it moves, so I dropped into Kate’s studio for more. She was busy at the easle working on the above- a large broad canvas, which though not finished, is packed with rhythm and movement, so much so that if you sit and just look it comes alive before your eyes-amazing.
If you engage the imagination there is a way of looking at it, where the painting just leaps off the easel-kinda crazy but I love that.

Kate Moore

It’s alive!