Lady Diana

me n'my donkey

Donkey Diana

Once apon a time,
Long, long ago
There was a guy.
He was confused.

after four years
of travel across
Asia to England.

The partying
Slowed down,
Life was a little
Ho hum
What to do?

A voice from
the heavens said
“Marcus, go buy
a donkey and
walk to Cairns”

So he did.

He acquired a fine looking donkey-ess by the name of ‘Lady Diana’.
He then loaded her with life’s essentials and pointed her pointy end at Cairns and her big, fat round end at Brisbane. Off they went. A Brisbane newspaper came out and photographed guy and Lady Diana walking off into the wide blue yonder.

Problem was, Lady Diana wasn’t a work donkey, she was a star.

Her previous owner proudly declared she had starred in two television commercials.
This became apparent on day one. He loaded her up, tent, food, billy can hanging from the saddle bags. She just stood there like a big round christmas tree. He made numerous jokes about dog food commercials, She wasn’t amused. They managed to walk a big half hour until a blonde walked out of a farm house and said ‘Guys why don’t you come in and stay awhile” so they did. Have donkey meet women.

Day two was spent crossing a shallow 10cm deep creek. He didn’t know donkeys hated water. Never take your donkey water skiing, it won’t work.
It took about an hour and 60 metres of rope to cross those crocodile infested toe deep waters. He stretched the rope out from her halter to a small tree on the other side. He pulled, she inched forward her chin, he gathered in the inch, she pulled back, he lost the inch. After an hour of this her foot actually touched water and she just calmly walked across without a care in the world.
It was one of those learning experiences you hear about.
They survived and slowly wandered miles of lonely bush tracks, sleeping by creeks and water holes under dazzling skies sprinkled with the dust of diamonds.
Small country towns came and went,
it was a fabulous adventure but one that is too long for here.

He slowly turned into me and I look back with a distant fondness of hours of pleasant wandering out in the vastness of the Australian bush.