Don’t wake the cat

Marcus Goater

Seen it all before

Great thing about travelling is that it opens up opportunities to see the world as is.
Forget the news, and all those shiny magazines.

After straight lining through the same same bush I stopped at a pub for coffee.
Love these small, rough, country pubs.
Here the pub cat was asleep on the bar, while the well tattooed barman served the beer.
All was good.

Well all was good until one bloke, a little under the weather, starts the inevitable.
Push leads to shove then said bloke picks up a rock bigger than his victims head …..and….. misses. Lucky other guy.
Hey full marks for trying but it was a veery heavy rock.
Barman appears and guy is bundled out to the carpark.
Everyone stands around laughing, congratulating each other and more beers are ordered. Problem is, problem guy is dragging at a thick branch which eventually breaks. He then strips off the leaves and pointing the very pointy end at the pub, re-enters.

Now there was real possibility here, there was much running around, shouting and general kuffufel. That was one big pointy spear but….. it just wasn’t this guys day. He ended up again in the car park.
And the cat slept peacefully on.