Too young

Young, old, in-between we all have a brain and I believe the potential to create.
By the age of three we all have 100 billion neurones reaching out and connecting with 15 000 other cells. 100 billion x 15 000 -I’ll let you do the math,
Basically, you’re awesome.

This fiery loom suspended in the darkest dark loves to suck in the world, scramble it, combine it, to produce something new – creativity. To create is a very natural thing to do, very human.
Very often we make distinctions though.
We all know ‘serious’ creativity only comes from ‘serious’ creatives- emotionally tortured, drunk, drug addicted weirdos who suffer strangely to create ear and eye candy for the rest of us.

Who's that girl

Who’s that girl

I’ve just spent a week at the Dutch coast with four energetic, crazy kids, always joking around, doing ‘kid stuff’, constantly creating funny stories, word play -and art. One girl would sit amongst this mayhem of wild playfulness and calmly focus on her phone. I thought she was lost in the land of Facebook, no she was taking experimental phone-shots then painting them with an app. These random acts of creation were very sophisticated, sexy, oh so edgy, pieces of art. Her brain had done it’s thing and it was good.

Problem. She’s too young. It’s not serious art from a serious artist. It’s just some young chick playing with her phone. So all this wonderful work is not recognised by the world and sadly not even by herself. Who’s that girl?