Go pop rivets

I gotta pee,
It’s -52 deg outside.
I’m walking down the aisle at 3km/h
The aisle moves at 752 km/h –
Backwards-in the opposite direction!

I’m looking at lots of sleepy, bored people. Man, they look bored.
They should look at the pop rivets.
If they looked out the window they’d see all that holds the fast moving metal together is pop rivets.
You know those things you make go carts with. You can get them at the hardware store.

It’s a long way down from 11,887 meters. That’s 11.8 Km. That’s a long way down.
Two huge motors suck in the frigid night air,
feeding the hungry, angry explosions that shoot the plane forward

Hang in there little pop rivet guys.

350 people – 350 suitcases – 350 chairs
All head’n into the rising sun
I gotta pee,