Van Gogh’s cup

Hey I’m in the land of the most famous of Vincents. Everybody rides a bicycle and sometimes the boats are higher than cars.

I love the intensity of his paintings and I guess this crazy intensity has put him forever in the most famous artist basket. There is something magic in intensity. People take intense drugs, jump of bridges tied to rubber bands, sit in the dark watching killers kill, lovers love and racers race-all in the search for intensity.

His sunflowers and chairs, though simple and not particularly well drawn, blast out this strange intensity.

I’m not particularly interested in refining my ability to portray reality but would love to learn to fill my paintings with energy. So – here goes- have just had three fairly black Dutch coffees, got a picture of Mr Van Gogh on the table… about an intense coffee cup……………

Van Gogh's cup

Van Gogh’s cup