Speed thrills

Sometimes, it’s…..good to, put on the hat…….and……doddle out for …a…Sunday,  drive…….ahhhhh smell, those, roses, now, where, is, 3rd, ….gear……..dum dee dee, dum dee dar……..

open speed limit

Open speed sign

The great thing about Germany though is you can forget the hat and get out onto the thousands of kilometres of super high speed raceways they call highways.-the Autobahn rocks big time. When you see the circle with the diagonal lines through it slam the foot to the floor jump into the fast lane join the Mercedes BMW Porches dial up some tunes on the radio and you’ll be in Cologne/Bonn/Berlin in no time life is short ly we’ll be there there and everywhere where you want to go go go

Most countries have a 100/120 speed limit. Question-when did this speed limit get introduced? I’m thinking 30, 40, 50 years maybe> well in that time road design, car/brake/steering design has rocketed forward leaving the poor old speed limit sorely lagging behind. We are crawling around in cars/bikes designed to drive safely over 200 km/h. Weird.

Here the open speed limit only applies to appropriate, well designed roads. In cities and villages it is a standard 50km and goes down to 30 where lots of people are. So sensible. Save the kids, then race to the northern sun as it  floats down to the rapidly approaching horizon.

Highway speed

Race to the sun