Torn between two worlds

Heaven and hell, good and bad, Holden and Ford,
Constantly we’re faced with competing alternatives.
Now we have the choice between digital and natural painting?
Real paint on canvas is  immediate, satisfying, looks great and creates atmosphere.
BUT you need to carry around real paint canvas – heavy, large and unwieldy.
But the end product on the wall can transform a room from average to one with vibe. Also people seem to need a retro experience once in a while.
Vinyl still sells.
But the possibilities in the digital realm are awesome, all you need is a laptop with graphics tablet  and you are off into the digital atmosphere where painting, drawing, photography and video blend into each other at the click of a mouse.
But what comes out the end can be visually incredible-
but lacks a certain punch.
But the world has changed and real paint will be ‘sooooo last century’
But pixels don’t need to dry, and the resulting file can be printed on canvas, then filmed, edited into a video, which could turn into a real painting which could be photographed and transformed with photoshop, then printed again on canvas.

but there is something eye catching about a simple pencil and pen drawing

Ahh, now what’s for breakfast…..cereal….or …..toast with scrambled eggs……..or

fluffy giraffe

Fluffy giraffe