Moon on the lake

Moon rising over Steinhude Meer

A world without reflections

Water glass plastic and steel?
Could we live in a world without reflection?

No golden pathway writhing to the blistering sun.
No fractured sky hiding in puddles,
Bright blue in the sticky glue of mud.

We would be headless nobodies
staring into circles of faceless glass,
Invisible lovers holding hands by moonless shores,
We could no longer stare with amusement at the face above the morning sink.
No cruel bringer of truth to squeal on new lines that burrow across astonished brows.
All smoke and no mirrors.
Where would we be without pretty wind and wave driven pictures,
that mask the quiet depths of deep water.
Be it forest lake, ocean or sea-
The surface of black coffee.
And the limpid blue of our lover’s eyes.

Reflections on reflections

Forest lake

Forest lake