Do you own a giraffe?



Yesterday we got on our speedy motors and headed into the wilds of Tegallalang. Home to the ‘famous rice terraces’ yeh they were ok, but we found way more, this is wood carving central.
I have to ask you a question though. Do you own a wooden giraffe? With the wind in our hair we sped past giraffe after giraffe after you guessed it, thousands of them. All sizes from tiny to life size with detachable head /neck for shipping. They must go somewhere, and I’m guessing you have one, right there in your living room.

Beyond the wooden giraffes, wooden ducks, lions, puppets, didgereedos, spiders, crabs, birds, fish, way beyond the wooden budhas, neon budhas, mirrored budhas, up in the hills we bumped into Made Tikel. He spends all day carving gargoyles. Hey it’s a living. I sooooo wouldn’t sneak into his place at night. Dozens of nasty guys from ankle biting high to stooping down to rip ya head off, size stand staring silently at your very soul. These guys are built to repel demons. Seious business in Bali


Made Tikel

Made does do the standard everynight gargoyle but loves to stretch the theme a little, experimenting with nasty, then sometimes with beauty. Check out the blue one that crouches over him as he works. That’s a gargoyle.