Big day at the office

Meet Bruno our new contact assistant



Glenda will get right on to it

Poor Glenda

We’ve had a huge day at the office. Bruno has joined our team and a new page has been added to the site with fresh video.

Sadly we had to let Glenda go. She has been very difficult of late and has ‘borrowed’ the petty cash tin just once too often. I think she might have a drinking problem.
So a big welcome to Bruno. He has come highly recommended and makes way better coffee anyway. Glenda could just not get her head around the new coffee machine.

We are a people friendly crew here. Neither Bruno nor myself has bitten anybody in weeks, so get in contact, say hi and give this guy something to do.

Meet button has just been added to the site. If you open the page you’ll see a cool n’groovy vid of what turns me on artistically and some nice visuals from this awesome place I’m living in right now. Give it a whirl and tell us what you think.