For whom the bell tolls

church on the hill

Church on the hill

At precisely 9:16 this morning the quaint village church above, turned into a fire breathing monster for a -full – five – minutes. Giant metal bells shook the air with pealing thunder. Even the  deafest of catholics, sleeping peacefully in their far off houses could feel the river of vibrations coursing through stone, steel and bone. Which is probably the idea.
A bit difficult to hold a conversation on the phone though.

Just right

toilet roll holder

German engineering at it’s best

You are currently looking at the best and most functional toilet roll holder on the planet. It doesn’t dance, play music, change colour or welcome you to the loo. What it does is hold the toilet roll perfectly. When you change the roll it takes all of 2 seconds and the parts move smoothly and precisely. Fully loaded it then holds the paper at just the right pressure so that you can then take, at your leisure, the exact amount of squares required.  An unsung work of art!


Torn between two worlds

Heaven and hell, good and bad, Holden and Ford,
Constantly we’re faced with competing alternatives.
Now we have the choice between digital and natural painting?
Real paint on canvas is  immediate, satisfying, looks great and creates atmosphere.
BUT you need to carry around real paint canvas – heavy, large and unwieldy.
But the end product on the wall can transform a room from average to one with vibe. Also people seem to need a retro experience once in a while.
Vinyl still sells.
But the possibilities in the digital realm are awesome, all you need is a laptop with graphics tablet  and you are off into the digital atmosphere where painting, drawing, photography and video blend into each other at the click of a mouse.
But what comes out the end can be visually incredible-
but lacks a certain punch.
But the world has changed and real paint will be ‘sooooo last century’
But pixels don’t need to dry, and the resulting file can be printed on canvas, then filmed, edited into a video, which could turn into a real painting which could be photographed and transformed with photoshop, then printed again on canvas.

but there is something eye catching about a simple pencil and pen drawing

Ahh, now what’s for breakfast…..cereal….or …..toast with scrambled eggs……..or

fluffy giraffe

Fluffy giraffe

Deja vu

Tropical Inland inside

Tropical Inland inside

Here we are driving around Germany and this giant, roundish box appears on the horizon. What’s in the box?, giant swimming pools, flamingos, a rain forest, ballooning!, 4 water slides, a small town of eateries AND a Balinese village. Deja vu. Oh,… and hundreds of screaming kids high on crap food.

There was a plan to build a super, heavy weight transporting, modern zeppelin, but that turned out to be a bit of a scam so it folded. Along comes Korean guy with 30 million Euros and Shazam-the latest screaming kid factory-Tropical Islands. Yeaaa, happy holidays!


Moon on the lake

Moon rising over Steinhude Meer

A world without reflections

Water glass plastic and steel?
Could we live in a world without reflection?

No golden pathway writhing to the blistering sun.
No fractured sky hiding in puddles,
Bright blue in the sticky glue of mud.

We would be headless nobodies
staring into circles of faceless glass,
Invisible lovers holding hands by moonless shores,
We could no longer stare with amusement at the face above the morning sink.
No cruel bringer of truth to squeal on new lines that burrow across astonished brows.
All smoke and no mirrors.
Where would we be without pretty wind and wave driven pictures,
that mask the quiet depths of deep water.
Be it forest lake, ocean or sea-
The surface of black coffee.
And the limpid blue of our lover’s eyes.

Reflections on reflections

Forest lake

Forest lake

Does it move for you?

Did it move for you?

Chequer board of life

What happens when you look at the grid above. Do all those little squares just sit there, clear, defined, separate and unmoving?

What is happening as you look at a clear, precisely drawn, flat, unmoving drawing?

Curtain waving



Something great about the simplicity of pencil and paper. Very focusing. I’ve been looking at, drawing and then painting, simple, easily overlooked objects, stuff just laying around hidden in the unseen corners of the world.

A trip on pencil and paper down into the universe of the unobserved. It’s peaceful down there. Very quiet.

A simple drawing can come alive though when photographed through bright orange safety tape and a splash of blue paint.

safety tape


Germany is not dressed in bright colour,
It’s sombre, even in summer,
Picturesque, maybe a colour rest
What to do as a colourist
In the land of progress

German art is reflective, selective,
Bringing light,
Opening windows to
Influence from subdued surrounds

German art

Internal reflection

Light reflected from a  window  to an across the street shadowed wall.

Drop bears

In Australia most people know of, and live in fear of, the dreaded drop bear. A bear like animal with razor sharp claws and rows of needle sharp teeth for ripping flesh. They come in three sizes small, medium and LARGE and live in trees.
Scene one,- happy camper walking along sun lit path, whistling a merry tune, something about the wonders of nature, the smallest of rustles is heard before one of these nasty critters drops from an overhead branch and slashes into the neck of the unfortunate nature lover. Much crunching of bones as the camper goes off to the big camp ground in the sky.
Well you can imagine what a shock it was to spy the creature below. Is this the European equivalent of the drop bear? Is it a harmless species? Is it……..aaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh

Drop bear

Drop bear?