Bitten by the snake

Back in the bad old days,  you painted religious themes or you died.
Pretty simple really.
Now the canvas is offering a chalice to hold the play of creation
unhindered by monkeys in white robes.

Now you can do anything and that can be a stress
or a delicious temptation from the tree in the garden of creativity.
Ahhh the delicious pleasures of biting deep into the fruits of creativity.
Mmmm luscious juicy wetness drips to the floor.

But what to do?
You can do anything – anything.
You could shit on the canvas and throw it in the river, an event, a happening.
Or how about a delicate watery landscape, or just throw paint at it.
You could go postmodern surrealistic expressionism with a touch of naive pointillism.

Standing before blank canvas is at once exciting and terrifying.
In that flat white space you can explore a universe of unlimited creativity.
You can live or die, grow or stagnate, explore dreams or nightmares.

Pristine, virgin, canvas. Waiting, offering it’s space for creation.
Challenging with it’s simplicity- to explore unlimited possibility.