BIG spiders and wooden penises

Another day searching for the perfect Balinese studio, somewhere to paint for a few months. I fired up the trusty Honda buzzed for miles through the emerald green rice. Very beautiful, but all potential studios are currently being used by cows, ducks, or pigs.

I did however find a carver of fine giant wooden spiders and two ladies who manufacture wooden penises.

Wayan Artana

Wayan Artana and his giant spiders

Meet Wayan Artana. If you are in the market for a wooden spider Wayan is your man. It’s standing room only in his little shop. Huge killers cover the walls, this place is a trip to spider freaky city.

Now the two ladies in that small palm hut in the forest, making wooden penises-I’m sorry my Indonesian wasn’t up to speed. I really didn’t want 200 wooden pricks, I was just after a studio to paint in! What do you say to women hand carving wooden dicks? Penis is celak, wood is kayu.
If you need a box full of wooden penises or a spider big enough to blot out the sun, there’s this lil village in Bali….