Demons and wizards

Bali is being  ethically cleansed to make room for more yoga studios and ever more hotels.

I’m searching for a studio, and a small farmers hut out in the rice fields, would be perfect. There were  thousands, now they’re turning into hotel building sites. All I can find is fully tiled, air-conditioned….yuk, just ain’t Bali guys!

But under this rapidly exploding western perfectness lay age old demons. 
Demons and wizards.

The little valley pictured below, runs along the side of the next hotel currently under construction. I stopped to look at the amazing dark and tangled undergrowth. A Balinese guy started jumping up and down saying ‘be quick, demon here, let’s going” This started a story about people dying in the night and not being found until a wizard is called in to find the corpse. The story is too long and complex, but is part of life here which hopefully won’t be sanitised.

Demon forest

Demon forest