Matter doesn’t exist

Atomic op artJust met Phil the physicist.
German guy, working at the great underground concern-CERN.
To these guys the world simply doesn’t matter.
There is no such thing as matter.
Only charge, energy and ceaseless, movement.

So all that matters is not matter.

All we see,
You and me,
Ain’t nothing but dancing bundles of energy.

That could be just a dry idea.
But if you think about it that is just so cool.
An entire universe built out of tiny bundles of energy.

So, let’s dance!

And let’s paint! Conversations like these, about the science of how the world works gives me endless motivation to play with energy and movement, portray energy and movement. It’s kinda more ‘real’ than the static scenes we sense in our everyday world.

Dance on endless universe of energy!!